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Helping students reach their full potential in school
(Personalized Academic Support, AT Training, Gaming Camps)

We help all students, grades 1 to 12, including those with special needs (Learning Disabilities, Aspergers, ADHD, etc.) improve their literacy and numeracy skills and overcome difficulties with schoolwork and homework in most subject areas ie. Math, Sciences, English, etc.

Many students struggle in school every day. In many cases, these students feel frustrated as they fall further behind their classmates. This can lead to a significant loss of self confidence and self esteem. At Tutorwiz, we offer students one-on-one sessions. We do not have any set program. We personalize our
academic support and training to meet the needs of the student. For those students with access to Assistive Technology Computer Applications we provide training which teaches them how to apply these applications effectively to complete their schoolwork and improve their literacy, numeracy and study skills. In addition to helping all students in these areas, we provide customized tutoring in most subject areas from grade 1 through grade 12 for all students. This includes full homework and schoolwork support.

We help students achieve higher grades and increase their level of self confidence and self esteem.

Written by parents.

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Programming Computer Games Sessions

We run computer game programming sesions for students 6 to 16 years of age. During each session participants create their own computer game. Basic and Advanced Level Sessions are available.
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We customize our one-on-one tutoring sessions to meet the needs of the student. We have no set program. We work with each student in the manner in which he/she learns best. Click Here for more information

Assistive Technology Training

We Provide one-on-one training for a host of AT computer applications. In addition to teaching students the features and functions of the software, we teach them how to effectively use the technology to complete their projects and homework. Click here for more information

Gaming Camps

Our camps are extremely popular. Campers program PC maze and platform computer games; They create jingles - words and music; Learn recording techniques and record their jingles; Create a presentation and a commercial; Play interactive games.Click here for more information

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